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without direction is like a ship with no sail.

Let's change that with your custom book of plays!

Business looks good on you, friend.

But you're working much harder than you should.

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How should we communicate with your ideal clients?

Who are your ideal clients, by the way?

What can we say to differentiate your brand from others?

What words and phrases are off-limits?

Because, like it or not, YOU'RE the SME of your business and brand.


That means YOU dictate what to say, why, when, how, and to whom.

One minute you think you have it down pat; the next, you feel more lost than ever. Scrolling the Gram gives you a little inspo, but that's short-lived. When it comes time to execute, you default to the "winging it" plan that's gotten you through so far.


It's a vicious cycle, and one that doesn't stop just because you cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Look, your messaging fogginess is the culprit.

And it can become even worse if you have a team. Whether it's a copywriter, VA, or OBM in your corner, they're ALL looking to you for guidance...

Brand Persona

What if you could...

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Take the guesswork out of communicating with your audience


Have a convenient place to reference your messaging "plays" and update them as your brand evolves


Create more consistency and cohesion internally and externally


Always have a strategy behind every word you share with the public


Rest easy knowing you and your team are on the same page, creating organization and a streamlined communication process


Establish brand familiarity and loyalty with your audience

You can, but no more leaving your words to chance, fam.

That's why there's

This book of guidelines will help solopreneurs or business owners with a team communicate internally and externally with confidence and purpose. No more aimless content misrepresenting your brand, pushing you further away from the brand loyalty you desire. You deserve clarity — a F.R.E.S.H. perspective!

Kopy Files

The F.R.E.S.H. Editorial Playbook

Your brand's blueprint for clear compelling, & consistent messaging

And by F.R.E.S.H., we mean messaging that is...




Structured, &


Marketers need to have an entire brand identity to communicate what their business does, what it's about, and why it's different. Oh, and it needs to resonate with people and strengthen your company's values and reputation.


This offer is for the SBOs & entrepreneurs who:

Are new to the business world and need a resource to establish clear messaging goals


Have been in business for a while, but never created brand guidelines


Already have a branding guide that lays out clear rules for their identity (i.e., logo, typography, color palette), but need a guide exclusively for communication rules.


Have recently rebranded and desire direction for voice, audience, or positioning pivots


Are tired of being ALL over the place with their messaging (no judgment - is that you, friend?)

Consider this your path to messaging euphoria!

When you say "YES," you receive...

Copy for (1) Editorial Playbook, customized for your brand, including a breakdown of your...

-Mission, Vision & Values

-Positioning, including USP and Value Proposition

-Brand Story

-Messaging Architecture

-Brand Voice Pillars with Tone Examples

-Common Language

-Grammar, Mechanics, Style, & Formatting

-Brand Persona

-Ideal Client Avatar(s) + Internal & External Pains

-Top Three Competitors (plus Analysis)

...and more!

(Valued at $5000)

Kopy Files computer
Editorial Playbook Video

Working with Kopy Fresh was an eye-opening experience. Providing answers to the questionnaire allowed me to re-define my mission statement and get clear on my company’s purpose. My final copy with Shamia captured everything I needed for my potential clients to know about me and the services I provide. I will definitely work with Shamia in the future with keeping my company’s message current.

-M. Jones, Business Coach

Your Investment


Full Pay Option

(1) Payment 


Payment Plan Option

(1) Deposit Payment + (1) or (2) installment payments

Meet the Playbook Creator

Hey, I'm Shamia!

With over 140 projects and 60+ clients under my belt, I know a thing or two about helping brands get clear on their messaging while boosting their visibility, influence, & profits (that VIP status, baby!).


I created the F.R.E.S.H. Editorial Playbook after replaying the conversations I'd have on most sales calls:

I don't feel like I really know my brand voice and tone.

I'm having trouble finding that sweet spot for my content.

I have the expertise but don't know how to convey it through my words.

The frustrations were evident, and I knew from where they originated.

Most business owners have a content plan but no infrastructure to guide the content. In other words, they're missing the strategy - the clear "plays" to keep them on the right path.

And hiring me to write the copy is a great first step but a misguided one without a plan.

So, let's take it back to the drawing board and get your messaging guidelines on point first! You down?

    Shamia-7713 (1).jpg

    My Guarantee to You

    In case you're still on the fence, let me offer some peace of mind...

    If you pay to secure your spot and change your mind within 7 days, I will promptly refund your money. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

    For Editorial Playbook Sales Page1 (2).png

    I feel confident & ready to show off my new copy, because Kopy Fresh was able to truly capture my personality & voice in a way that speaks to my audience.

    C. Villapando


    What happens after I make a payment to secure my spot?

    You will receive an onboarding email that includes a link to a detailed questionnaire. In it will be a link to book your kick-off call. During the call, I will conduct an in-depth interview and provide the timeline for your project. From there, our team will get to work on your copy, consulting you along the way via email and/or Voxer. You will receive the first draft of your Editorial Playbook on the delivery date I provide (typically within 10 business days). I offer two revisions to ensure I get the copy to your specifications.

    What all does my custom Editorial Playbook include?

    Your Editorial Playbook is for communication guidance ONLY. That means it does not include any guidelines for your identity (logo, typography, colors, etc.). It does, however, include clean formatting and a comprehensive breakdown of your:
    -Brand Story
    -Brand Values
    -Brand Messaging Framework with Dos & Donts
    -Voice & Tone Pillars with Examples
    -Ideal Client Persona(s) + Pains
    -Brand Persona
    -Style & Formatting
    -Content Pillars + Social Media Dos & Donts
    -Top Three Competitors (plus Analysis)
    ...and more!

    I already have branding guidelines. Why do I need an Editorial Playbook?

    The Editorial Playbook is ideal for you if your branding guidelines are missing clear communication rules. For instance, you know how to use your logos, typography, and colors to create consistency, but you are unclear on your story, values, target audience, voice, and tone. The Playbook fills the gaps in your messaging framework.

    Can you explain the timeline for the payment plan?

    For the two-payment option: After you make the $500 deposit to lock in your project, the balance will be due upon delivery of the first draft.

    For the three-payment option: After you make your initial payment of $500 to lock in your project, the second payment will be due at kick-off. The final payment will be due upon delivery of the first draft.

    In what format do you create and deliver the Playbook?

    I will create your Playbook in Google Docs. You can easily share and update it as your brand evolves. If you like, you can convert the document to a PDF.

    If I lock in my spot now, when will be project begin?

    We will determine your project dates during our kick-off call.

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