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5 Phrases to Avoid as a New Coach, Consultant, or Creative

There is so much power in the tongue.

No doubt, what you repeatedly say becomes your beliefs, and what you believe becomes your reality.

Leaping into the world of entrepreneurship feet first is not easy. You put it all out there, hoping that someone - your ideal client - will love what you have to offer and want to do business with you.

But before you can convince anyone to invest in you, you must change your words. Starting a business is enough pressure; why add more with the negative talk? Let's get into five phrases you should eliminate from your vocabulary today!

1. No one will pay me that much for my services.

Please! Now, more than ever, people rely on coaches, consultants, and creatives to help them solve personal and business challenges. Clients exist who will gladly pay you if you're speaking the right language. The key is to position yourself so well that your price will be an afterthought.

2. Another company is already doing it.

So what? What makes you and your business unique is something that no other company can reproduce in the exact same way. Imagine if some of these big-box stores had this mentality. Walmart would have zero competition, but Target found a way to deliver similar merchandise with a higher-end shopping experience. So, your task is to find a way to do it differently or better than the rest.

3. I'm not equipped to book that caliber of client.

You have the experience, education (whether formal or not), and the drive to do business with whomever you want. Why downplay what you bring to the table? I assure you that your knowledge is a hot commodity that many clients are seeking. When you present yourself as THE problem solver for your ideal client's situation, you get one step closer to a conversion.

4. I'll fail.

My friend, risk-taking is a part of the entrepreneurial journey. Quite honestly, so is failure. You won't hit a home run every time, but how can you even expect to knock it out of the park if you don't step up to the plate? Bet on you and take the proper precautions to eliminate as much risk as possible.

5. Maybe I'm not cut out for this after all.

Why? Because your sales are not rolling in yet? You haven't booked out your calendar? I hate to break it to you, but success takes time. It's sometimes a long, arduous road that requires hella patience. It's during the tough times that you get even more focused. Hear me when I say - your breakthrough is just on the other side of your perseverance!

It doesn't matter if you launched your new coaching, consulting, or creative business yesterday or months ago; come out swinging and replace those words of doubt with words of affirmation. It will change the trajectory of your business and your state of mind!

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