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Brand Copywriter for Service-Focused Businesses and Personal Brands




Ask anyone who knew me way back when,

and they’d tell you I was a quirky girl from High Point, NC, who filled her days with Sweet Valley High, The Babysitter’s Club, and Beverly Cleary books. Yes, the girl who created a library in the backyard shed where she loaned her book faves to friends (she even applied late fees when they weren’t returned on time!).

Reading was my passion, and books were my escape. Every storyline pulled me in and created a vivid imagination that drove my siblings crazy! And while I loved to read, I soon realized I had an even greater affinity for writing. Nothing compared to the freedom I felt expressing myself through words. 

As I matured, “writer"  lost its appeal amongst the endless career options thrown at me during high school.

Honestly, it didn’t have the “oomph” I wanted for my post-college experience. So, with my degrees in hand, I explored more exciting options.

The following years were a whirlwind. It went a little like this: sales, customer service, human resources, assessment scoring, ELA item writing, and sales and marketing. In my last few roles, it became clear that I couldn’t run from the writing life. 


After conversations with friends, repeated prayers, and a deep-dive assessment of my skills and passion, I was clear. So, I prepared myself for the biggest, most exciting leap of my life.


Kopy Fresh

Like most newbie copywriters, I started my copywriting business as a one-chick show cranking out copy projects at bargain-basement prices for business owners I knew. Forget the fact that I launched in February 2020, just one month shy of the worldwide pandemic! There were growing pains, but I was committed to perfecting my craft, refining my processes, and growing my list of incredible clients. 

Kopy Fresh is a black-owned agency specializing in copywriting, brand messaging, and web design services
Copywriting, Brand Messaging, and Web Design Services

Fast-forward to present day.

We do it differently here

We’re your not-so-typical boutique copywriting, brand messaging, and design agency. We color outside the lines whenever possible and break the grammar rules if necessary. Here, words are dope, and good vibes are plentiful.


Our team of word and imagery pros take your brand persona and voice and create a clear, compelling, and cohesive brand experience that connects with your ideal client and solidifies your position as THE expert. 

In other words, take your hands off the wheel; we got you.

Kopy Fresh-IG.png

I got what I asked for, plus more!

what they said

Shamia is the consummate professional! She knows what she's doing, how to do it, and communicates with you all along the way...At the end of the day, I got what I asked for plus more! I understand the need to make sure the words don't just sound good. They need to convert into sales to be sustainable and successful in business. Kopy Fresh delivers more than the copy. They ensure you're converting and with the best service all along the way! 


~ Victoria P., Certified Life & Business Coach

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Keeps It FRESH

The Team That

Black Woman-Owned Copywriting Agency in Atlanta, Georgia

Are you ready to work with a pro team that has your copy, messaging, and design needs covered?

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