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  • Will you manage my website, social media, or email marketing platform?
    We take care of all the writing, reFRESHing, and designing so you don't have to! The maintenance and management of your website, social media, and email marketing platforms are your responsibility. We will gladly refer you to a trusted expert, who can help with social media management, strategy, and website maintenance.
  • Do you work with e-commerce or product-based businesses?
    We designed our model to best accommodate service-focused businesses and personal brands. Learn more about who we serve and why.
  • Do you offer other services, such as resume and grant writing?
    Please contact us to share more about your project. We consider one-off projects if there is capacity.
  • What do you do differently or better than AI tools like ChatGPT?
    When you work with me, the Lead Brand Copywriter, I immerse myself in your brand. I listen to your stories, hear your voice inflections, analyze the meaning behind those long pauses and deep sighs, and SEE the passion behind your eyes for your work. Human to human, I connect to those feelings, pull back the layers of your multi-dimensional voice, and create copy and messaging that flies above the AI-generated words that “get the job done.”
  • How do I pay for my services?
    We invoice clients according to the services purchased. For projects under $1000, full payment is due upfront. For projects $1000+, clients can select from the following: Pay in full Pay 1/2 up front and the balance upon delivery of the first draft ​ Clients can make installment payments for the F.R.E.S.H. Editorial Playbook and Kopy Files™ email templates through Afterpay or Klarna. We accept all major credit cards (except AMEX) and PayPal as forms of payment.
  • Do you offer graphic and web design services without copywriting?
    We may be able to work with you! Please contact us for more information.
  • Will you optimize my copy?
    Yes! We know your copy and messaging can only go so far without search engine optimization (SEO). We will implement strategic keywords, on-page SEO, and meta titles and descriptions to give your copy a real boost!
  • Do you offer retainer agreements?
    Absolutely! Based on your recurring needs, we can create a custom proposal for the following services: E-newsletters Sales Emails Editing and Content Repurposing NOTE: Retainer agreements require a minimum 3-month commitment.
  • Why do I need a copywriter when AI can write whatever I need in seconds?
    Copywriters are necessary now, more than ever. Here's why. Can your AI tool... Understand nuance or proper context based on colloquial language? Read between the lines and capture what you don’t say or know how to convey? Forge emotional connections based on personal experience? Your industry knowledge and expertise can't save you from this undeniable fact: You must have a firm grasp of marketing principles, sales psychology, human behavior, and persuasive communication to create “click here,” “download for free,” “enroll today,” and “buy now” copy. Give the AI tool all the prompts you want, but if you haven't done the foundational work to understand the strategy behind your words, it can only take you so far. Your AI tool needs initial guidance (and sometimes numerous redirections) to do what you want. In other words, ChatGPT won't save you from yourself. Let us give your words a human touch. Literally.
  • How soon will you deliver my project?
    Typical turnaround time is between 10-30 business days based on the service; however, we may be able to expedite your project based on our workload. Hit us up for more details.
  • What exactly do you offer service-focused business owners and personal brands?
    We offer custom copywriting, brand messaging, copyediting, and web design services. Our in-house web designers create graphic and web designs to complement your brand and new copy. Let us know your needs, and we can discuss a copy + design package that will work best for you. With 30+ years of combined experience, clients can expect a complete brand experience from Team Kopy Fresh!
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