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How can you expect your ideal clients to choose your brand amongst a sea of others when you don’t understand how to best communicate your messaging? And when you’re unclear, your potential client or buyer is unclear.

That’s why a defined brand persona is essential for your business.

So, what is a brand persona?

Simply stated: It is a personification of your brand. Yes, your brand with human-like characteristics.

That means it can be...


A Person (You) Or An Alter-Ego

A Character Or Mascot

An Idea

In other words, think of your brand persona as a business representative you send out to communicate your messaging to the world. Your representative is confident, compelling, consistent, and most of all - clear on its position. 

A defined

Brand Persona =

✔ A unique brand personality

✔ With an identifiable brand voice

✔ That creates authentic, fully aligned brand messaging


While this quiz can benefit most,
it is especially for the

service-based biz owners who...

Are new to the business world and want to create authentic content in a consistent voice.

Have been in business for a while but never identified a brand persona.

Have recently rebranded and need a new persona to match.

Copy of KopyFresh Elements (1)_edited.png
Copy of KopyFresh Elements (1)_edited.png
Copy of KopyFresh Elements (1)_edited.png


Now’s the time to gain the                     you’ve been missing.

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