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You’ve created your business.

Now it’s time to connect with your ideal clients, share your expertise, and sell your services without being a DIY copywriter or designer. You need a team that can translate the unique “you” factor into a head-turning, client-attracting, revenue magnet while you do what you do best.

Discover how we can boost your brand messaging

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Good information is not always engaging, but that's where strategic content and copy come into play. We will create compelling messaging in your brand's voice + design that grabs (and keeps) the attention of your ideal clients.

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Don't you want to position yourself as an authority in your industry? Well, it all begins with your consistent, value-packed content. No worries; we'll craft the right words (and aesthetic) to help you check all the boxes with your audience!

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As a service-based brand, one important goal is to increase your sales, correct? We thought so! We'll help push your brand and its services as THE solutions to your ideal clients' problems with targeted sales copy and irresistible design.

Standout Copy + Messaging + Design 



Our Service Suite + Pricing

Kopy Fresh offers several services to accommodate your most important needs. Outsource the words & design to us and get back to business (literally)!

Scroll Stoppers

Entice your ideal clients to stop the mindless scroll, click, and take ACTION with persuasive copy highlighting your free or paid offer.


  • Landing Page - Light your lead generation on fire

  • Sales Page - Break down all the details of your low or high-ticket offer and sell confidently

  • Sales Emails - Take your email subscribers from intrigued to invested with copy that speaks to their unique needs and desires

  • Social Media Ad - Turn those clicks into conversions with strategically-crafted copy

  • Lead Magnet - Reel in quality leads on auto-pilot with a value-packed PDF or engaging quiz

*The investment for Scroll Stoppers ranges from $797 to $2797

Authority Builders

We'll help you inform, entertain, and connect with your audience through content that presents you as the authority you are.


  • Website - Create a virtual home for your business that's perfectly aligned with your brand and its ideal client

  • Nurture Emails - Keep your email subscribers engaged with content that offers a first-hand view of you and the transformation you offer through your services

*The investment for Authority Builders ranges from $997 to $3397

**Ask about our retainer services.


Hand over your existing content or copy and we’ll expertly finesse the words for BIGGER impact.


We offer editing for the following:


  • Website 

  • Sales Page

  • Landing Page

  • Lead Magnet

  • Emails

  • Social Media Captions

  • Blog Posts...and more!


*The investment for reFRESHers starts at $797 (final rate based on word count)

Copy + Design Packages

Your FRESH copy deserves expert-level design that will do it justice. Get that plus unmatched service with our in-house web design pro!


Copy + Design services available for:


  • Website 

  • Sales Page

  • Landing Page

  • Lead Magnet

  • Social Media Ads


*Packages range from $1497 to $5297

The F.R.E.S.H.
Editorial Playbook

Create more cohesion and consistency in your brand with a “book of plays." Your custom Playbook will give you guidelines to communicate your messaging to the public.

Secure your Playbook with a $500 deposit payment!

Kopy Audit

Let us review your words from a copywriter’s lens and offer our expert advice for improvement. Receive a comprehensive report in as little as five business days!

Audits available for:

  • An email sequence (or five individual emails)

  • (1) opt-in landing page or web page

  • A one-page website 

  • (1) short-form sales page

  • (2) blog posts 

  • (7) captions



Content Writing
Copy & Design
FRESH Editorial Playbook
Kopy Audit

Don’t push off your project another day. Invest in your brand to turn those prospects into clients!

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