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Hey there, Free Spirit!

You're a colorful explosion, always seeking exciting experiences and ways to view things from a completely different perspective. You're comfortable in your skin, especially when you're free to be expressive. You are a risk-taker who celebrates originality and gets high on creativity. You never want your brand to feel confined to a certain standard, so you show up as nothing less than yourself. Doing so helps you represent your business in a way that stands out amongst the crowd.

You are the lively personality that bold and brazen clients need and long for. Your top priority is to create a space where your clients can be their most unique selves. You help them expand their thinking and find new ways to approach situations and resolve issues. There is no promoting close-mindedness in this brand! You strive to make your clients feel alive and spirited, ready for whatever resources you have for them.

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Your Element


Similar to the air, you flow in and out of everything, never thinking of the risks - just being and doing. You go where others haven't been or are too afraid to go. You breeze through life in a carefree, charismatic way, captivating others with your easygoing nature. Ironically, we can't see the air, but we can most certainly feel it. In fact, the air is an essential element. Without it, we cannot live. As a Free Spirit, your presence is definitely felt and you bring LIFE to every interaction.

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Things Aligned with The Free Spirit

- Platform -


Like YouTube, you are eclectic and have something for everyone! Clients will come in expecting one thing with your brand, but in the process of working with you will see that you bring something entirely new in a surprising (yet exciting) way.


- Environment -

A Concert

You always go with what feels good, so attending a concert to see your favorite artist is the perfect place to let go! Even though the spotlight is on the performer, YOU are certainly the life of the party! People can't keep their eyes off you because you're such a vibe! No doubt, you keep clients mesmerized by your think-outside-the-box strategies and innovative solutions.


- Drink -

Boba Tea

If you've ever tried Boba Tea, you know that it brings a little something extra to the table. Also known as Bubble Tea, there are SO many flavors to choose from, all with a surprising addition. Each tea contains special "pearls," or tapioca balls to elevate the experience. No doubt, YOU are the pearl of your brand.


- Brand -


With this fun footwear, you can express yourself rocking stand-out colors that draw attention. When you want to step it up, you add the equally fun Jibbitz to make the shoes even more your own. Crocs show your personality just like your brand shows yours!

The Free Spirit Summary.png


🎯 To inspire and motivate others.

🎯 To challenge the "normal" way of thinking.

🎯 To help clients show up in a unique yet genuine way.



Feeling boxed in or forced to conform.

❌ Not making as much an impact as you'd like.


Hey there, I’m Shamia 👋

If you ever wanted a biz bestie who hooks up your words, I'm your girl! As a Brand Copywriter, guess what I take seriously aside from words? Yes, your brand! I go the extra mile to ensure your ideal clients have the right perception of your brand, well beyond your logo and colors. It all starts with your brand persona.


I know what you're saying...

"OK, now that I know my brand persona, where do I go from here?"

So glad you asked.

Here's what to do next:

  1. Conduct a review of your current content. I'm talking blog posts, social media captions, YouTube videos, emails, landing pages, and your website.

  2. Make note of the way you deliver your message, your voice inflection, and your tone.

  3. Pull up the results for your new persona and determine if your current messaging is aligned.

  4. Ask yourself, "Is this how my persona would communicate with its ideal client?"

  5. If the answer is "no," use your results to make necessary adjustments.

You got this, Free Spirit!

Need more clarity?

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