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Hey there, Outlier!

You've arrived, and your presence is sure to grab attention! You always show up ready to speak nothing but the truth. With a bold, passionate personality, you are the advocate all underdogs want and need by their side. Never one to back down from a challenge, you are poised and prepared to defend your perspective and those of others you support. You influence people in positive ways and serve as a thought leader and change agent. Your brand showcases impressive courage and sets the tone for other non-conforming brands to follow suit.


Clients choose your brand when they want to associate with and learn from someone forging their own path. You challenge clients and help them break free from the monotony and "playing it safe." You are unapologetically YOU, and your clients appreciate the realness you bring to every interaction. You get things done with adept agility and keen focus that your clients admire and respect.

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Your Element


Fire can be calm and entrancing, but it can also be fierce, depending on the circumstance. People have historically used fire as a purification method to bring out the best results. That is how it will be with your brand. Your brand is the consistent flame that burns brightly for its clients, doing whatever is necessary to transform them or their situation.

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Things Aligned with The Outlier

- Platform -


HBO has always been known as the streaming platform for people who want unadulterated shows and movies. That's exactly what HBO Max offers. Like your brand, it's for a certain type of viewer; one who seeks an adult, no-holds-barred experience.


- Environment -

Rally or Protest

If there's a cause to support, you better believe you're there (or behind the scenes) doing your part! You have zero tolerance for injustice, discrimination, prejudice, or mistreatment of any kind, and you'll use your voice -wherever, however - to demand change.


- Drink -

Energy Drink

You grab a Red Bull when you need a swift kick of energy to carry you through a long day. And similar to a Red Bull, your brand is always ready to go. You need all the mental and physical stimulation you can get to do the important work you do.


- Brand -

Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's was one of the brands that made a public statement calling out the racial injustice and police brutality that killed innocent men and women. Though they lost many customers because of their stance, they gained the respect and loyalty of several others who supported them. Your brand is ready and willing to stand up for what's right, even if there are consequences.

The Outlier Summary.png


🎯 To stand up for the right thing, even when the results are unfavorable.

🎯 To influence change however you can.



❌ Not having the opportunity or the platform to use your voice and speak your truth.

❌ Suppression of any kind.


Hey there, I’m Shamia 👋

If you ever wanted a biz bestie who hooks up your words, I'm your girl! As a Brand Copywriter, guess what I take seriously aside from words? Yes, your brand! I go the extra mile to ensure your ideal clients have the right perception of your brand, well beyond your logo and colors. It all starts with your brand persona.


I know what you're saying...

"OK, now that I know my brand persona, where do I go from here?"

So glad you asked.

Here's what to do next:

  1. Conduct a review of your current content. I'm talking blog posts, social media captions, YouTube videos, emails, landing pages, and your website.

  2. Make note of the way you deliver your message, your voice inflection, and your tone.

  3. Pull up the results for your new persona and determine if your current messaging is aligned.

  4. Ask yourself, "Is this how my persona would communicate with its ideal client?"

  5. If the answer is "no," use your results to make necessary adjustments.

You got this, Outlier!

Need more clarity?

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