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Hey there, Quiet Storm!

Like an imminent storm, you masterfully roll in slow and steady with a BIG surprise in store, unbeknownst to others. With a force loud as thunder and mesmerizing as lightning, you explode with controlled energy and influence everything in your path. Most see you and automatically classify you as quiet, guarded, or non-threatening, and that's just the way you want it! You have this calm familiarity about you that makes others feel comfortable and at ease. When your alter-ego shows up, you leave people shaken at the core, taken aback by the greatness that lives and breathes within you.


The duality of your brand is what makes it most attractive to clients who're seeking the unexpected. Your brand also attracts the people who are prepared for a big change in a BIG way. You're supportive, but you challenge and stretch your clients to achieve next-level success! Introverted and extroverted clients appreciate you because you understand how to work with each personality type very well. Why wouldn't you? As the Quiet Storm, you know both sides all too well!

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Your "Element"


OK, so the weather is not an element per se, but it is a culmination of ALL of them. The weather is completely unpredictable - it can surprise people like an unexpected rain cloud. It can also blow obstructions out of reach like a tornado. In some cases, it's the blazing fire overtaking the landscape or the slight winds on a chilly day. The point is - you can never fully anticipate what the weather has in store.

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Things Aligned with The Quiet Storm

- Platform -


Remember when was all the rave for short-form video years ago? Well, Douyin, a Chinese video-focused social networking service, came like a thief in the night and acquired The result was TikTok, the explosive video-sharing app that completely took over the internet! Bottom line - success is not linear and can come in unexpected ways. Today, TikTok is known as the hub for fun and creative video content. Even though people cannot gauge your brand's full potential, you're unbothered...and ready to shake things up!


- Environment -


You prefer to be in places where you can fully unwind. Your home is your haven - you can be your most authentic self behind those walls. When it comes to client relationships, you welcome them with open arms and make them feel exactly how you feel in your safe haven.


- Drink -

Long Island Iced Tea

This beverage can be deceptive at first glance (and sip). Sitting in a glass, it has the same appearance as sweet tea. And it's innocent enough IF you limit your intake. Drink too much and your alter-ego is sure to come out! Your brand definitely sneaks under the radar and leaves people eager to learn more.


- Brand -


Founded as Doorbot in 2013, Ring has left its footprint in the security industry. Surprisingly, the concept began in a garage, and the creator didn't leave Shark Tank with a deal back in 2013. Despite its humble beginnings and rejections, Ring now has a net worth of 1.8 billion and is owned by Amazon, the world's largest online retailer. Like Ring, your brand will take the world by complete surprise!

The Quiet Storm Summary.png


🎯 To show people that they have the potential to do great things, no matter their circumstances.

🎯 To create a balance between the duality of your true self and your "alter ego."



❌ Not being able to mold people into their most genuine selves.

❌ Not having ample time alone to recharge.

❌ Being coerced to do something when you're not ready.


Hey there, I’m Shamia 👋

If you ever wanted a biz bestie who hooks up your words, I'm your girl! As a Brand Copywriter, guess what I take seriously aside from words? Yes, your brand! I go the extra mile to ensure your ideal clients have the right perception of your brand, well beyond your logo and colors. It all starts with your brand persona.


I know what you're saying...

"OK, now that I know my brand persona, where do I go from here?"

So glad you asked.

Here's what to do next:

  1. Conduct a review of your current content. I'm talking blog posts, social media captions, YouTube videos, emails, landing pages, and your website.

  2. Make note of the way you deliver your message, your voice inflection, and your tone.

  3. Pull up the results for your new persona and determine if your current messaging is aligned.

  4. Ask yourself, "Is this how my persona would communicate with its ideal client?"

  5. If the answer is "no," use your results to make necessary adjustments.

You got this, Quiet Storm!

Need more clarity?

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