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Hey there, Top Shelf!

You're the premium package. The best of the best. Your classy, effortless demeanor attracts high-quality experiences and clientele. You are confident in your abilities, yet you never shy away from further elevating your skills and expertise. Most who encounter you walk away with clarity and a renewed zest for business. Some even refer to you as iconic. You're reliable, time-tested, and take your craft seriously. You want others to feel as passionately about their craft as you do yours.


Clients come to you when they want to associate with a luxury brand. They understand working with you is an investment, but they are more than willing to pay the cost because you've proven to be an expert in your industry. You will leave clients and their businesses primed and polished; they'll undoubtedly receive the royal treatment. While you hold onto tradition, you understand the importance of keeping up with the times and accomodating your clients at every level.

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Your Element


Naturally refreshing, water is the element living, breathing organisms need to survive AND thrive. It is essential. Water reinforces the roots in the soil and promotes growth all around. If you've ever been around a body of water, it's calm, yet it demands your attention. Clean, refreshing, and purifying - water is highly desirable, just like your brand.

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Things Aligned with The Top Shelf

- Platform -


Whether you're active on the platform or not, Facebook (i.e., Meta) is the pioneer when it comes to social media. Although it was not the first social media platform created, it was the one that changed how we interacted online. The classic. Facebook skyrocketed the social media wave.


- Destination -


Just as you pay a pretty penny to attend a Broadway production, your brand is no different. You give people more than what they paid for - a star-studded, up-close-and-personal experience. Your brand is for clients who value exclusivity.


- Drink -

Aged Wine

What's more appealing than a bottle of the finest, aged wine? When you are looking to make an impression, you break out your best bottle of red or white. The aroma alone is tantalizing, capturing the attention of everyone in the room. Your brand is no different.


- Brand -


Hermès is a classic brand that exudes sophistication. Birkin bags, the most popular of the Hermès handbags, are an expensive, limited-edition purchase that increases in value the older they get. When you think of this brand, the words 'quality' and 'refinement' automatically come to mind. It's no coincidence that the Hermès brand has been around since the 1800s. Your brand is well on its way to cementing itself in history.

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🎯 To create a high-quality experience for clients.

🎯 To showcase excellence in all that you do.

🎯 To help clients reach the pinnacle in their craft.



❌ Not being respected.

❌ Not having the ability to refine and hone your skills.

❌ Not reaching the level of success you worked so hard to achieve.


Hey there, I’m Shamia 👋

If you ever wanted a biz bestie who hooks up your words, I'm your girl! As a Brand Copywriter, guess what I take seriously aside from words? Yes, your brand! I go the extra mile to ensure your ideal clients have the right perception of your brand, well beyond your logo and colors. It all starts with your brand persona.


I know what you're saying...

"OK, now that I know my brand persona, where do I go from here?"

So glad you asked.

Here's what to do next:

  1. Conduct a review of your current content. I'm talking blog posts, social media captions, YouTube videos, emails, landing pages, and your website.

  2. Make note of the way you deliver your message, your voice inflection, and your tone.

  3. Pull up the results for your new persona and determine if your current messaging is aligned.

  4. Ask yourself, "Is this how my persona would communicate with its ideal client?"

  5. If the answer is "no," use your results to make necessary adjustments.

You got this, Top Shelf!

Need more clarity?

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