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Hey there, Truehearted!

You have a heart of pure gold. People have a tendency to flock to you because they can sense the genuine concern you have for others. You don't have to be in the spotlight; in fact, you prefer not to be. But because you have so many talents, it's difficult to stay in the background. You aim to help and transform as many people as possible with your gifts. You root for the underdog and build them up to become an unstoppable force people respect. There is no other way to run your business than with your heart.

You want to nurture and guide your clients effectively. With ease, your brand attracts clientele with its pure branding and caring nature. You are the teacher and will walk hand-in-hand with your clients until they achieve their end goals. Clients appreciate your thoughtful, compassionate spirit and how you encourage others with kind words and support.

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Your Element


Like the earth, you are warm and harvest the best from your clients. You are like the nutrients in the earth as you help your clients grow and thrive. Just as the earth provides a home for us, you offer a place where your clients feel welcome and comfortable. You are passionate, yet you never lose the welcoming ambiance that defines your brand. With a loving touch, your brand will establish roots with each of its partners.

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Things Aligned with The Truehearted

- Platform -


This family-friendly streaming service has all your nostalgic childhood favorites in one convenient place. It's inviting, innocent, and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. That's how your clients view you and your brand.


- Destination -

A Picnic on the Beach

You enjoy the simple joys of life. Listening to the waves crash while watching the sunset brings a smile to your face. You want to be fully immersed in nature and all it has to offer. Your clients experience the same sense of calm when in your presence.


- Drink -

Natural Fruit Juice

Anything that's good for your body is the optimal choice. You're health-conscious, so natural fruit juice gives you the satisfaction and nourishment you need. It's fresh and hydrating, just like you are to people who interact with your brand.


- Brand -


When you see a beautiful, white dove, it makes you feel peace and harmony. That's exactly what the Dove brand represents. Its products are gentle, pure, and clean. Dove also has initiatives in place to support women and promote positive body confidence. Like Dove, creating a harmonious world however you can is important to you.

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🎯 To nurture and pour into others.

🎯 To support others with pure intentions.

🎯 To do meaningful work that makes a difference in the world.



❌ Not being able to help others.

❌ Not seeing growth from the seeds planted.


Hey there, I’m Shamia 👋

If you ever wanted a biz bestie who hooks up your words, I'm your girl! As a Brand Copywriter, guess what I take seriously aside from words? Yes, your brand! I go the extra mile to ensure your ideal clients have the right perception of your brand, well beyond your logo and colors. It all starts with your brand persona.


I know what you're saying...

"OK, now that I know my brand persona, where do I go from here?"

So glad you asked.

Here's what to do next:

  1. Conduct a review of your current content. I'm talking blog posts, social media captions, YouTube videos, emails, landing pages, and your website.

  2. Make note of the way you deliver your message, your voice inflection, and your tone.

  3. Pull up the results for your new persona and determine if your current messaging is aligned.

  4. Ask yourself, "Is this how my persona would communicate with its ideal client?"

  5. If the answer is "no," use your results to make necessary adjustments.

You got this, Truehearted!

Need more clarity?

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