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Are you doing this on social media?

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

I follow a ton of awesome brands whose content is always on point. The graphic message initially pulls me in, and when I read the accompanying caption, I'm completely sold. There are, however, other brands that make me go, "hmmm."


Because they use a "mirror, mirror" approach on their pages. What do I mean by that?

Their post caption is the same as the message in their graphic! Yep, they repeat the words verbatim and add hashtags.

Not only is this a lazy approach to your pages, but you're also missing a prime opportunity to engage your ideal client!

Well-written captions are absolutely critical in the online space. They enable you to:

  • Insert a compelling call to action to encourage more engagement (that can lead to sales).

  • Tell a relatable story that helps others.

  • Present your brand in a personable way.

  • Share your knowledge or expertise on certain topics.

  • Display a little more of your unique brand voice.

  • Give your ideal client a reason to do business with you!

So, why would you miss the chance to provide context and drive your message home even further? That's the purpose of a caption, right?

The next time you post on your pages, do your brand and me a favor and take advantage of the real estate provided to you. If you don't know what to say, simply expound on what you already said in your graphic...flesh out ALL the important parts.

Look, I know it can be a hassle to create compelling copy regularly, but it's a necessary evil and one that can work in your favor if done right. You don't want to be the brand that looks great but doesn't resonate with the very people you created your business to serve.

The good news is that there are copywriters (like me) who can craft messages for you, even monthly. That means no more struggling to write captions and more time to run your business. Sound awesome? I know it does.

UPDATE: We no longer offer social media services as of March 2021.

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