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Why Your Words Matter to Your Brand

I have an assignment for you. Don't worry; it will only take a minute.

Pull up all your brand's social media accounts, marketing emails, and website. Disregard the graphics. Now, take a moment to review the copy.

Would you agree that the words you've been using are consistent with your brand?

No, I'm not saying that you should replicate the same messages across all platforms (please don't do this). I am saying that the words you use should complement each platform and still align perfectly with your brand. Granted, platforms like LinkedIn call for a more "professional" vibe, but that doesn't mean you have to completely change how you communicate with your target audience; all you need to do is good old-fashioned tweaking!

Let's say your brand has an energetic, charismatic, funny persona. Do you think it's wise to throw your ideal client off with messaging that is the complete opposite? Your target audience has become accustomed to how you communicate - the words you use, how you use the words, and your overall personality. If you throw a curveball and switch up your messaging, believe me, your followers will get confused and likely tune you out.

Your copy should compel them to stick around, not encourage them to gravitate toward another brand!

If you are struggling to identify your brand persona, here's a tip:

  • Start with your own personality!

Chances are, you are more unique than you give yourself credit for. Take advantage of this position and use words that speak directly to your ideal client and words that are authentically YOU! Let's say it together: "No one else is you, and that is your power!" Come on, shout it loud and proud!

Look, please don't overlook this important process. It may seem trivial, but the words you use to promote your brand matter way more than you think. You can always delegate your copy to us if you're having trouble creating consistent brand messaging catered to your ideal client. It's our specialty!

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