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The Copywriting Evolution in a Discerning, Post-pandemic Business World

Updated: Feb 7

Let’s step back in time and reflect on the last three years. How has business changed, and what does it mean for the future, especially for the copywriting industry?

The Days of Old

The period from 2020 to 2022 marked a transformative era in the outlook of business and entrepreneurship.

With massive layoffs becoming commonplace, many people stood at the crossroads of uncertainty, contemplating bold moves they might have otherwise delayed.

The pandemic forced individuals worldwide to reassess their lives, pursuing dreams and aspirations left simmering on the back burner.

I found myself in a similar position.

While I didn’t get laid off, I did get a surge of boldness, compelling me to resign from my sales and marketing role two months before COVID-19 settled in.

It was a scary yet exhilarating time, and despite the financial repercussions, people were making sizable investments in themselves and their ventures.

Everybody and their mama hired coaches, online business managers, VAs, and yes, copywriters — even the ones who didn’t quite “get” it.

Truthfully, copywriting was a buzzword circulating in online spaces.

It was wild!

New business owners and entrepreneurs were dishing out thousands based on what they “thought” they knew about their business.

A new day is here, and change is evident.

Thanks to inflation (groceries are insane right now!), getting burned by wanna-be entrepreneurs, and robot advancements, business owners are more aware of where and how they spend.

The days of mindlessly throwing money at products and services are fading like a bad trend.

And I’m here for it.

This shift bred more informed buyers — individuals with a heightened awareness of their business, audience, positioning, and voice, making my job as a copywriter easier.

Now, you might wonder, “In this AI-driven world, do businesses still need copywriters?”

To that, I respond, “YES, more than ever!”

Any business, regardless of size, entrepreneur, and personal brand, with something to offer — a physical, digital, or intangible asset (e.g., credibility and expertise) — requires original copy that piques interest.

And last I checked, businesses exist to make a difference AND profit.

Well, strategic copywriting is the catalyst, friend.

Even non-profit organizations benefit from this specialized writing to market their initiatives and secure those essential grants.

The journey leading to the dollars is full of relatable, value-packed content. This content builds the bridge from initial awareness, the “I see you” moment, to a deeper connection, the “I see you” moment.

And the end game?


Whether it's a lead magnet download, a booked call, a webinar sign-up, or a program enrollment—each action taken represents a step closer to transforming a lead into a paying customer or client.

Copywriters are the backbone of successful businesses and brands. They are the heartbeat of transformative brand messaging and captivating campaigns.

Tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Rytr are certainly helpful and serve their purpose, but nothing compares to the intuitiveness of a copywriter.

I stand on that.

📌Final Note

In this era of heightened awareness, strategic spending, and “hot and ready” copy, the need for a skilled copywriter has never been more critical.

The power to craft messages that resonate, connect, and convert is an art and science (it’s also math…see my post HERE on that), and I've dedicated my career to mastering it.

If you're a service-based business owner, entrepreneur, or personal brand looking to elevate your communication game, cut through the noise, and drive meaningful conversions, I’m your copywriter.

Let's collab to create copy that reflects the essence of your brand and prompts your audience to take the actions that matter.

Don't let your message get lost in the digital clutter. Your success story is waiting to be written, and I'm here to help you pen it.

You kopy?

Let's stay connected on social media: Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook

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