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10 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Brand Messaging Right Now

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

While the new year is right around the corner, you don't have to wait until the clock strikes midnight on December 31st to make necessary changes in your business. Your messaging - the communication you present publicly that represents your brand - is a component that cannot be ignored. It's as essential to your brand as breathing is to your body. Your brand messaging keeps your brand alive and well.

So, if you have boring, inconsistent, or inauthentic messaging, believe me, your ideal clients aren't checking for you. They are, however, paying close attention to your competitors who have mastered their messaging. Don't let that worry you, though. There are several ways you can elevate your brand messaging starting TODAY. Let's dive into 10 of them.

1. Develop a catchphrase.

If you've come across my posts or emails, chances are you've read the phrases, "You kopy?" and/or "Keep it fresh" more than a few times. It's no accident - I intentionally use these catchy lines in my messaging because they are associated with my brand. When my ideal clients see it, they know it's coming from Kopy Fresh. A catchphrase is a creative and simple way to make your messaging memorable, so take advantage.

2. Do the opposite of what other brands in your industry are doing.

Just because you see your competitors posting 3-4 times a day doesn't mean that it's the move for your brand. Think quality over quantity. When you do put messaging out there, make sure it serves a purpose and is valuable to your ideal client. Also, create a unique space for your brand that is unlike anything your competitors are doing on their platforms.

3. Use active vs. passive voice.

I will continue to drive this point home! There are a few times when the passive voice makes sense based on your message, but more often than not, the active voice is the top choice. When you use the active voice, the subject performs the action indicated by the verb. It's clear and direct, just like you want your messaging.

4. Use confident words.

Incorporate more words like "will," "trust," "assure," and ironically, "confident." Eliminate words like "maybe," "possibly," and "try" from your messaging. Always speak with words that show you are secure in your abilities, and it will make all the difference.

5. Make your headlines POP.

All of your messaging - captions, blog posts, website copy, emails - need a catchy opener. Whether you ask a thought-provoking question or make a bold statement, your goal should be to quickly grab your readers' attention. When your headline is eye-catching, your reader is more compelled to peruse through the rest of your message and engage.

6. Use 2nd-person.

Speak to your ideal clients like you already have a relationship with them. Sprinkling the word "you" throughout your messaging makes your brand more personable and puts folks at ease. Remove the pretense and communicate like a trusted friend.

7. Find your brand voice and stick to it.

Your brand voice is an element that can make or break your brand messaging. If you're unclear on your brand voice, your messaging will be all over the place. Guaranteed! It's worth every minute to do the work to identify HOW you want to communicate with your audience.

8. Share your expertise.

Whether you believe it or not, you have immense knowledge to share with others. Utilize all channels (e.g., videos, blog posts, IG & FB lives, etc.) to drop those golden nuggets like only you can. What better way to appeal to your ideal client than to show up as a leader in your industry with the right messaging?

9. Match your graphics to your words.

Your graphics directly impact your messaging because it's often the first thing readers see. If the graphics are irrelevant to the words you're communicating, expect low or zero engagement. Make a point to incorporate graphics that support your messaging and drive it all the way home.

10. Revise and repeat.

I cannot stress this enough. After you've put your message together, you MUST go back (possibly more than once) and review it. Of course, check the grammar, but make a point to also check the flow, structure, spelling, punctuation, and context of your message. There's nothing worse than sharing a compelling message that readers can't fully grasp because the readability level is super low.

People - NOW is the time to increase your chances of converting your ideal client into a paying client using custom-fit words. If wordsmithin' is not your forte, it's OK. Kopy Fresh is currently accepting new clients for the new year, and we'd love to create symmetry between your brand and your messaging. Let's get started!

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