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When DIY Just Won't Do

Networks like HGTV and video-sharing platforms like YouTube have empowered men and women worldwide to take on projects - no matter the size or complexity - by themselves. While DIY projects are not inherently wrong, it is wrong to think that you can do it all well.

Here are our 3 top reasons you shouldn't do it yourself for your business copy.

#1 You haven't made any real progress.

How many times have you started writing your website copy only to stop again? How many incomplete blog posts do you have? Do you get caught up reading everyone else's posts instead of creating your own on Facebook? Even after reading all those writing books and watching several "How to write killer copy" videos, you are still at square one.

Look in the mirror and say, "I will stop wasting my time today!"

It's time to delegate the writing to experts who can move your project along with expert precision for your own sanity.

#2 You are not the best writer...of copy.

Don't get me wrong; you don't need a college degree or writing experience to write your own business copy. You need the skill to craft copy that connects with your target audience, preferably using good grammar. And even that's not all.

Ironically, copywriting is more than just writing. When you write business copy, you become a print and/or digital salesperson. It will be your job to explain the benefits of your product or service so well that you pique the interest of your prospects. Ultimately, you want to keep them engaged so they decide to do business with you now or in the future. That can only be accomplished with engaging, strategic, and consistent copy.

So, can you deliver or nah?

#3 You are short on time.

Many business owners fall into this category, especially those still working a 9-5. Where in your already packed schedule can you possibly fit hours of copywriting (yes, hours)? Should you tell your family that they have to fend for themselves when you get home from work so you can write a few blog posts? Should you continually sacrifice your workout time to write posts and plan your content calendar?

Tell me - when are you going to have time to actually run your business? Time is a commodity, and once it's gone, it cannot be regained.

Do you really want to spend your precious time writing when you have other things to do?

Probably not, right?

You don't have to DIY this important part of your business. You can stick to the other important stuff, and we'll handle your business copy needs. Oh, and no one will ever know you didn't write it because we capture your business voice to a tee.

You ready? Let's work together!

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