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Five Signs That Your Website Copy Needs a Refresh

Does your website copy truly reflect your brand? Do the words explain what you offer in such a way that it attracts, not deflects, potential clients?

We know you invested countless hours writing your copy, but someone has to say it.

Your website copy needs a makeover.

Still in denial?

Here are five surefire signs that will jolt you into reality.

#1 Your website analytics show a high exit percentage for the same web pages.

Your website data is the most accurate way to delve into the behavior of your website visitors. Among other things, you can see how much time a visitor spends on each page and where they exit your site altogether. This information will show you exactly where your makeover efforts need to begin. Granted, your graphics may need work too, but chances are, people are leaving your site quickly because the copy is not resonating with them.

#2 Your brand has evolved.

If you launched your website in 2015 and haven't reviewed the copy since, it's definitely time for a refresh! Time has passed and you are not in the same place you were back then. It could be that you have added services to your offerings or your portfolio is now spilling over with new work. Either way, your business has changed and your website copy should follow suit.

#3 There is too little copy.

Your website copy may be engaging, but it leaves people hanging. We're all for brief copy, but could it be that visitors don't have complete understanding of what you're offering? It's time to beef up your copy - no superfluous words, but words that are necessary to convey how you can help the potential client solve their problem.

#4 There is too much copy.

While there is nothing wrong with providing full details, there is a fine line. You must not provide so much information that it overwhelms your website visitor and causes their mind to wander. It's time to prune your copy and leave the information that serves a true purpose. In most cases, you may find that it's easier to start with a clean slate.

#5 You cringe when you visit your own website.

This one can be hard to admit, but you know you slapped some copy on your website in haste and prayed it would fly! Your goal is to covert visitors to clients, but how can you accomplish this if you can't even stomach your own copy? The day of reckoning has come. You cannot keep this up. You deserve a website that makes you proud and it starts with compelling copy written in your brand voice.

No matter where you fall on this list, our copywriting services can get you on the right track. We'd love to give your website copy a new look. Book your FREE consultation today!

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