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Follow These Steps Until You Can Afford to Hire a Copywriter

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

I know what a professional copywriter can bring to the table. Still, I'm not biased enough to think that small business owners are incapable of learning the art of copywriting and crafting their copy.

I'm here to help your business increase its visibility and sales with well-written, brand-specific copy that grabs and keeps the attention of your ideal clients...even if I have nothing to do with it. Hey, I'm generous.

My thought is if you're going to do something as important as writing your copy, you should do it right. So, if you're ready, let's get to it.

1. Commit

Seems obvious, but the first step is to commit to the process of writing your copy. This is not a one-time thing; you must recommit as often as you sit down to write. Put your copy at the top of your list of to-dos and stick to it!

2. Study

Remember all the information you consumed before your launched your business? You learned all you could so you were prepared to operate your business like a pro. Deepening your copywriting skill is no different. It's time to grab those general writing and copywriting books (check out my IG post here if you need recommendations) and get serious! There are also several free and low-cost copywriting courses out there that will provide the fundamental skills you need, like this one. Another great tip is to review how professional copywriters write their copy. Review for inspiration, but NEVER jack their style. You want to develop a voice that is personal for your brand, OK?

3. Plan

You know the saying..."When you fail to plan, you plan to fail." That sounds about right. Make your life easier by using powerful tools to plan your copy. I use four main tools (all FREE) - Asana, Canva, Later, and MailerLite for social media, blog posts, and email marketing. Here's the breakdown: Asana is what I use to map out my editorial calendar (i.e., what I'm going to post or blog); Canva is my go-to for designing my graphics (I have the Pro plan, but it's only $12.95/month); Later is the one-stop-shop for crafting and scheduling my social media posts; and, MailerLite is what I use to create and send email campaigns to my subscribers.

Bottom line - stay ready so you don't have to get ready!

4. Practice

Practice makes (almost) perfect. No matter how many books you read or courses you take, the only proper way to improve your writing skills is to...WRITE! That means writing copy when you would rather binge-watch one of your favorite shows, mindlessly scroll IG, or make that Target run. You want to do your brand justice and only publish copy that is engaging, compelling, and relevant to your brand and its ideal client.

Hey, I didn't promise that writing your copy would be easy.

Contact me when you're ready to ditch these steps and hire a copywriter to regain your time AND sanity!

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